Artist (painter), and… inventory manager, marketing dept., accountant, ad agency, and …???

When an artist is a full-time sole-source of income artist, sometimes that artist might occasionally fail at a task or two- like keeping up with his own blog!  Not only do I have to design and produce the art, but I have to go to some lengths (as is my responsibility) to keep up with where I put the art, how people know its there, if and when and how much I got paid for it, and where I have articles or images of my work in advertising that I need to be aware of.  It’s a 110 hour a week job.  One of the most difficult things is finding out when to hire an assistant, and how to find that assistant to help manage the business end of being an artist.  AND how to pay that person.  I have researched several other artists of some degree of success, and they all have varying circumstances.  Some have a hired assistant, some have “interns”, some have a partner (wife, husband, or cohabitator of some sort) that voluntarily handle some aspects of making the artist successful.


Keeping up with social media these days can take hours out of each day it seems, as there are so many outlets and there are new ones every couple of weeks.  This adds to the already heavy not-art burden of an artist.Bridge Oasis_web

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